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Prairie Pothole

The Windom Wetland Management District manages nearly 70 separate parcels of federally owned land, called waterfowl production areas, within a 12 county area in southern Minnesota. Together, the waterfowl production areas encompass more than 13,000 acres of land dedicated to wildlife and wildlife-dependent recreation. These relatively small areas – often only a couple of hundred acres – are critically important to migrating, breeding and nesting waterfowl. They also provide habitat for grassland birds, such as meadowlark and bobolink, and a variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and other creatures. The Windom Wetland Management District also manages a unit of the Northern Tallgrass Prairie National Wildlife Refuge. Touch the Sky Prairie is a nearly 800-acre unit of the refuge dedicated to preserving native tallgrass prairie and a unique rock outcropping habitat. Touch the Sky Prairie is located north of the city of Luverne in Rock County, Minnesota.

The district also protects more than 2,000 acres of privately-owned wetland and grassland habitat, purchased as permanent easements to restore and protect habitat. The land remains in private ownership, but the easements protect the integrity of the wetlands and surrounding uplands for wildlife. The district also works with private landowners to protect privately-owned wetlands and prairies through the voluntary Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program.

Waterfowl production areas were created by an amendment to the Federal Duck Stamp Act in 1958. Scientists realized that these small pockets of habitat were vital to breeding waterfowl. This amendment gave the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service permission purchase small wetlands. Your purchase of a Federal Duck Stamp provides funds to acquire, oversee and manage waterfowl production areas and easements.

Contact Us

49663 County Road 17
Windom, MN 56101


To reach a specific staff member, use the information below:

District Manager - Todd Luke (Extension 11)

Assistant Manager - Todd Hauge (Extension 12)

Wildlife Biologist, Private Lands Specialist - Scott Ralston (Extension 13)
Scott_Ralston@fws.gov Cell 507-822-0327 (Call or TXT)

Prescribed Fire Specialist - Eric Earhart (Extension 15)

Wildlife Biologist - Kim Emerson (Extension 23)

Biological Technician - Martin Baker (Extension 14)

Maintenance Officer - Cody Wiig

Ducks Unlimited Restoration Specialist - Kassy Dumke 
Office 507-831-2900
Cell 906-362-1934

If you have questions or are interested in improving wildlife habitat on your land, please contact Wildlife Biologist Scott Ralston at (800) 577-2875 ext. 13.

** TTY users may reach all Wetland Management Districts in Minnesota through Minnesota's State Relay System by dialing 711 or (800) 627-3529 (V/TTY)