Reptiles and Amphibians

Western Fence Lizard

These under-heralded and often overlooked species are some of the most unique the refuge has to offer. While the plethora of avian species draw crowds of admirers and the large mammals are seen as the most charismatic and anticipated species found at Finley, rare sightings of creatures like this western fence lizard can be some of the most rewarding. 

  • Amphibians

    Pacific Tree Frog

    7 species of salamanders, including the most commonly spotted rough-skinned newt, and 3 species of frogs from this native pacific chorus frog to the invasive bullfrog all frequent William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge. 

  • Reptiles

    Western Pond Turtle

    2 species of turtle, including these western pond turtles that can often be found during the summer at Turtle Flats or at the Snag Boat Bend Unit, 2 species of lizard, 1 skink, and 7 species of snake all call William L. Finley NWR home.