PromoLarge Roosevelt Elk

From the largest Roosevelt elk to the smallest California myotis bat, mammals cover the largest range of different species in one group on the refuge. Whether flying, swimming, burrowing or galloping, all of these warm-blooded critters call the refuge home. 

  • Deer & Elk

    Roosevelt Elk2

    One of the biggest attractions at Finley NWR are the extensive herds of Roosevelt elk, the largest deer family species in the Willamette Valley. The herds are often seen grazing the Refuge agricultural fields in the fall, but can be spotted throughout the year. Black-tailed deer also frequent the refuge. Follow this link for information on our black-tailed deer hunt.

  • Felines, Canines and Bears


    Representing our largest predators on the refuge, this group includes cougar (mountain lion), bobcat, coyote, red fox and black bear. While sightings are infrequent for these species, motion-sensitive cameras placed around the refuge have captured photos of adult cougar and black bear with young. 

  • Semi-Aquatic Mammals


    Many semi-aquatic mammals call Finley NWR home, as the plentiful wetlands that combine both water and land provide their ideal habitat. Some familiar species in this group include river otter, beaver, nutria, raccoon, mink and weasels. Check out our Homer Campbell Boardwalk trail which winds through a riparian zone for the best viewing opportunities for these species. 

  • Squirrels, Chipmunks and Rabbits

    California Ground Squirrel

    The most commonly seen mammals on the refuge include California ground squirrel (like this one), western gray squirrel, Townsend chipmunk, and brush rabbit.