Refuge Wildlife Report


The Refuge Wildlife Report is a monthly compilation of Refuge Biologist reports, entries in our Wildlife Sightings Log and updates from the Willamette Valley Birder's list serve. To report sightings of your own, either submit our online Wildlife Sighting Report, or add your entry to our Wildlife Sightings Log at the Refuge Headquarters Office. 

May 2017

05/01 Juvenile Bald Eagle     ANK 
5/4 Juvenile Bald Eagle / OspreyANK 
5/1 WIlson's WarblerBKS 
5/1 Western MeadowlarkBKS 
5/3 Yellow Headed BlackbirdsBKS 
5/3  Pied Bill Grebe FIN  
5/5  Lots of WildflowersFIN