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Refuge Wildlife Report

PromoSmallPintailThe Refuge Wildlife Report is a monthly compilation of Refuge Biologist reports, entries in our Wildlife Sightings Log and updates from the Willamette Valley Birder's list serve. To report sightings of your own, either submit our online Wildlife Sighting Report, or add your entry to our Wildlife Sightings Log at the Refuge Headquarters Office. 

May 2014 - June 2014

Date Time Sighting Location Comments
5/2 10:00 am 1 American Bittern Scrape Pond on Bruce Road  
5/5 2:30 pm Gopher Snake, Turkey Vulture, Red-breasted Sapsucker Woodpecker Loop  
5/7 --- Yellow Warbler Office Area  
5/15 10:30 am California Quail North Entrance off Hwy 99  
5/16 7:00 am American Coot with young, American Bittern, and Virginia Rail with young Scrape Pond on Bruce Road  
5/20   11:00am  Family of Gray Jays  Mill Hill near Gray Creek    
5/21  4:15pm  Bobcat hunting along hedgerow Field 16 (just east of Cabell Barn)  
5/23  12:15pm 4 Western Bluebirds On branch in office pond  
 5/31 3:00pm Mature Bald Eagle and possible immature Osprey Cabell Marsh  
6/1 1:00pm 1 mature and 1 juvenile Bald Eagle Cabell Marsh  
6/1   Lazuli Buntings heard  Woopecker Loop and by Turtle Flats restrooms  
6/6   Western Bluebird    
6/7 11:00am 30-50 Roosevelt Elk Close to 99W entrance  
6/7 11:00am  2 Lazuli Buntings Woodpecker Loop, near the viewing deck.  
6/8 10:40am Wrentit  Cabell Marsh Overlook Heard singing down the hill multiple times.
6/8 11:30am  Spotted Towhee, large hawk, frogs and 2 snakes Mill Hill Trail and beaver pond areas  
6/11 10:00am Bobcat   S. of Cabell along road  
 6/14 1:30pm Cedar Waxwing and Acorn Woodpeckers Outside store  
 6/18 9:00am Elk herd  Field near Turtle Flats  ~31
 6/19  2:30pm Blue Heron, Baby Swallows Cabell Marsh  
6/26  11:00am Bobcat  Field below office  


Page Photo Credits — Pintail, George Gentry/USFWS
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014
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