Get Involved

Volunteers help pick-up trash in the refuge's Porter Point and Riekkola Units/USFWS Photo

Contribute your interests and strengths on behalf of America’s natural resources.

  • Become a Friend

    Join the Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge - a nonprofit organization established to support Willapa Refuge programs and increase awareness and appreciation of Willapa Refuge.

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  • Volunteer

    Bring the skills you already have or learn some new ones by volunteering at the refuge complex. We have a variety of projects, including indoors and out, individual or group, and one-time or on-going.

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  • Employment Opportunities

    Want more than just “a job”? Work for wildlife! Each year Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Complex hires supplemental seasonal staff, including jobs for teens between 15 and 18 years old.

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  • Partnerships

    The Fish and Wildlife Service enters into agreements with a wide range of organizations at the national, regional and local levels. These agreements are intended principally to encourage cooperative projects that benefit the National Wildlife Refuge System and the nation's wildlife resources. It allows organizations to contribute funds for facilities, projects or materials to benefit refuge visitors and to improve wildlife habitats.

    It will also allow refuges to take advantage of the expertise and personnel of the various organizations in cooperative efforts ranging from habitat management to information and education programs focused on conservation and ethical use of natural resources. Examples of cooperative efforts include conservation communications, training, hunter education, scholarships for study of natural resources, conferences, and youth activities.

    Because of personnel and funding constraints, agencies increasingly rely on volunteers and cooperating organizations to help in the successful execution of projects that would not otherwise be possible. The Service views these cooperative agreements as one that complements other formal volunteer programs. The contribution of funds or personnel assistance to the Service confers no special rights or privileges upon the contributor.

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