Permits for Use and Occupancy Activities on Refuge Lands

Special Use Permits (SUP) are used to manage the amount and type of uses on a National Wildlife Refuge. Permits are also used as a contract between the Refuge Manager and the Permittee. They clearly explain what is expected of the Permittee with respect to restrictions, policies, reporting, etc., and they provide a protection to the Permittee by explaining what to expect from the Service in terms of support.

We encourage you to contact refuge management at least three months in advance of your work to begin the SUP process. If you are found conducting an activity that requires a SUP without the appropriate permission you could be subject to legal action.

Quinton Smith, Park Ranger
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
32 Refuge Headquarters
Indiahoma, OK 73552

phone: 580-429-2194

A General Special Use Permit is required for Occupancy Activities (Events) occurring on National Wildlife Refuges where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is not an active participant in the activity. The permit application and operational plan should give Refuge staff the information needed to determine whether or not to allow the activity and to decide what special conditions may be needed to safeguard Refuge resources and the experiences of visitors. Because of this, an early teleconference or a meeting between Refuge staff and the project leader is recommended.


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