Annual Auctions

Annual Auction

The Wichita Mountains conducts annual public auctions of excess Texas longhorns and American bison in order to maintain appropriate numbers of the animals within the confines of the refuge.

Texas longhorn Auction
This auction is held every year, usually in September. The number of animals to be auctioned varies from year to year, but generally consists of cows or bulls which are no longer needed for reproduction within the herd and excess calves of the year.

The auction is located at the refuge corrals immediately north of the Refuge Headquarters, 12 miles northwest of Cache, Oklahoma off highway 49 (get a refuge map).  Buyers or their agents must attend the auction in order to bid on animals. Personal checks, cashier’s check, traveler’s check or cash will be accepted for payment for cattle following the auction.

In order to reduce the possibility of transmitting infectious animal diseases, all vehicles and trailers which have previously hauled livestock must be thoroughly cleaned of all manure and used hay prior to entering the refuge. Failure to comply will result in denial of entry to the sale until the vehicle or trailer is removed from the refuge and cleaned.

American Bison Auction 

This auction is held every year, usually in October. Again, the number of animals to be auctioned varies from year to year but generally consists of cow and bull yearlings. 

You may request to be placed on our mailing list by contacting Refuge Headquarters for up-to-date information regarding the auctions.  Additional information about the auctions is available by contacting Refuge Headquarters. 

Auction results are available.