Nature Trails


 The Refuge offers great hiking opportunities, but also serves up some surprises….

• Expect to encounter bison, longhorn, and snakes on the trail.
• Trail? Which trail? Thousands of people feet and thousands of animal feet make lots of trails. Pay careful attention to your route and your surroundings – you may be on a game trail not a hiking trail.
• Heatstroke and hypothermia happen often to unprepared hikers.
• The terrain is very rough – wear sturdy footgear.
• Don’t rely on your cell phone – coverage is spotty.
• If you’re hiking in the Charon’s Garden Wilderness Area be ready for rugged and remote conditions. Game trails abound and the two hiking trails are unmarked and unmaintained in keeping with the area’s Congressional Wilderness designation.

We want you to be safe and enjoy your time on the Refuge. Look at our Go/No Go checklist (requires Flash)to make sure you have what you need.

Not sure where you want to hike? Download a trail map from our Maps page, and look at our Staff’s recommendations(requires Flash)for great hikes.

Want to bird watch while you walk? Take a look at our Birding Sites(requires Flash)map. 

For more information about hiking opportunities and conditions, contact the Refuge Visitor Center at (580) 429-2197.