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Wildlife & Habitat

Wildlife and Habitat
  • Coaster Brook Trout

    Coaster Brook Trout

    A migratory fish that spawns in Whittlesey Creek and spends its adult life in Lake Superior. Coaster brook trout populations declined significantly around the early 1900s and efforts are currently under way to re-establish their populations in Whittlesey Creek.

  • Black Duck

    Black Duck

    A migratory bird that favors wooded swamps and marshes for breeding. Although not very common, black ducks can be seen wintering along Whittlesey Creek and breeding in local estuaries.

  • Northern Parula Warbler

    Northern Parula Warbler

    A small warbler found in the upper forest canopy, but more often heard than seen. The females create a hanging nest, usually built from moss and lined with fine grasses or pine needles.

  • Whittlesey Creek

    Whittlesey Creek

    Whittlesey Creek is a cold-water, groundwater-fed stream, classified as a Class I trout stream by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Groundwater discharge keeps the stream at a relatively stable temperature all year, which is critical for over wintering brook trout eggs and young.

  • Coastal Wetlands

    Coastal Wetlands

     Coastal wetlands are located on the edge of Lake Superior and are a complex of emergent marsh edged with lowland shrub. The wetland is influenced by lake seiches, wave action and ice movement. The dynamic wetlands are influenced by sediments that are carried by Whittlesey and Little Whittlesey Creeks and then reworked by wind and wave action.

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2012
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