Road Conditions


Road Opening/Closures:


 North Unit:South Unit:
  Long Lake 
    Jacks Bay
  Levee B
  White River Levee     
  Levee Loop to Prairie Lakes
  Levee Loop to Scrubgrass
  Levee Loop to Water Storage Area
  East Moon Lake
 North Unit: South Unit:
 Brown ShantyMoon Lake
 Kansas LakeSmokehouse Hill
 Red Cat Lake at Clarendon     Horseshoe Lake
  H Lake
  Escronges Lake
  Columbus Lake
  Wolf Lake
  Big Island Gate at Chute Bridge


REMINDER: Refuge roads on the South Unit are open to motorized traffic March 1 through December 15 except the Jacks Bay waterfowl hunt area which will remain open through duck season. All other refuge roads are open all year. Roads are temporarily closed to land vehicles due to flooding. A locked gate, road closed sign, or other barrier (i.e. mounded dirt) means the road is closed to all motorized vehicles but not to bicycle/foot travel unless signed otherwise.

For the latest updates, please call our office at 870-282-8200 ext 1.