About the Refuge

Small cascade - Matt Poole/USFWS.

Wapack National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1972 through a donation from Laurence and Lorna Marshall, was New Hampshire's first refuge. The 1,672-acre refuge is located about 20 miles west of Nashua, New Hampshire and encompasses the 2,278 ft. North Pack Monadnock Mountain.

The refuge is a popular hawk migration area and provides nesting habitat for numerous migratory songbirds such as the tree sparrow, Swainson's thrush, magnolia warbler, crossbills, pine grosbeaks and white-throated sparrow. The refuge also supports a wide variety of upland wildlife including deer, bear, coyote, fisher, fox, mink and weasel.

Many people visit the refuge to hike its four trails, including a four mile section of the 21-mile Wapack Trail, a spur of the Appalachian Trail. Wapack Trail passes over the top of North Pack Monadnock and offers outstanding opportunities for viewing migratory hawks and a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

The Wapack refuge is administered by staff from Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in Newburyport, Massachusetts.