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Red-tailed tropicbird

Support your National Wildlife Refuges by joining organizations such as the National Wildlife Refuge Association that actively supports and advocates for the National Wildlife Refuge System.  Within the remote areas of the Pacific, Friends of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge are non-profit organizations that help support millions of transitory wildlife and restoration projects on both islands and the ocean habitats in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.


Wake Atoll is administered by the U.S. Air Force and does not permit public access. 

The Fish and Wildlife Service does permit research and biological surveys on the refuge to further the understanding or the natural resources and to improve the management of these natural resources on the refuge or within the National Wildlife Refuge System. Access to the atoll is restricted by the Fish and Wildlife Service, and entry into the lagoon or onto the island is prohibited without prior approval. In order to prevent the introduction of alien species to the island and lagoon, Refuge staff maintain a rigid entry permit application and review process.


Last Updated: Jun 09, 2015
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