Pacific Reef Heron

Egretta sacra
Pacific Reef Heron 520x300

The Pacific reef heron is a medium-sized heron that shows nonsexual dimorphism, with either birds having entirely white plumage or charcoal gray plumage. They have short greenish yellow legs, a heavy yellow beak, gold-yellow colored eyes and the surrounding areas of their faces normally have a greenish to yellow cast. The throats and chins of the gray variety are marked by a narrow, white stripe. There is a less common pied morph that is white and variably mottled with slate gray. Pacific reef herons typically feed on varieties of ocean-based fish, crustaceans, and mollusks

Facts About Pacific Reef Heron


Small fish, insects, lizards and small birds


Length 22 - 26 in (58-66 cm)
Weight 11 - 25 oz(330 -700 g)