TICATOVE Friends Group and DNER


Is a Friend's organization for Vieques NWR. This community-based nonprofit group focuses on environmental education, scientific investigation and technical assistance to government, private and community organizations.  They provide visitors to Vieques with information on the flora and fauna of our beautiful little island.  They work to educate, prepare and provide opportunities for the youth of Vieques to actively participate in conservation efforts.  They provide training in the field of biology and as nature interpretive guides.  This is part of an ongoing effort to assist in developing wildlife dependent and nature ecotourism programs on the island.  They are affiliated with the National Association for Interpretation (NAI). TICATOVE-Grupo-de-Conservación-de-Vieques)


Caballos Bieke

Is a small community based nonprofit group working with the Municipality of Vieques, the Agricultural Service of Puerto Rico, Vieques Veterinary Clinic, the Commonwealth Police Department and the Vieques NWR.  Their purpose is to provide technical assistance to government, private and community organizations on horse rescues.  They work to remove feral horses from public lands. The group focuses on providing special care for rescued horses across the island and also works to provide a safe environment for the mistreated and physically injured horses that have been rescued. (


Isla Nena Composta

This is also a community based organization, developed by environmentalists and local farmers. They work with the Vieques Municipality, the Puerto Rico Electrical Authority, the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Syracuse and the Vieques NWR to create compost material to benefit native habitat restoration projects and to aid in sustainable agricultural practices on the island. In addition, by removing all the vegetation material that ended up in the municipal dump and turning it to compost, this group has been able to assist in extending the life of that facility. (


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