In The Community

In the Community

We are open to the public year round!

The Vieques NWR occupies approximately half of the island of Vieques. We are an integral part of the local community and partner with many entities for the benefit of the community and the island’s natural resources. Aside from assisting the Municipality, various Commonwealth Agencies, other federal agencies and several NGOs on a number of projects, we are also among the primary responders for disaster responses under Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We participate and/or assist with several community events, such as the Vieques Carnival, March for Cancer, Island fishing tournament and many others.

Being both remote as well as a refuge in an urban setting, open to the public year around, we are one of the main attractions to visitors on the island. Due to the various nature and wildlife dependent opportunities available at the VNWR, we are an economic engine for nature based and sustainable tourism on the island. Several business and jobs are directly tied into nature and wildlife dependent tourism; while many more business and jobs benefit indirectly from these activities and the popularity of the refuge.