Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations - Road

All federal, municipal and state laws are enforced on the Vieques NWR. The following rules, among others, also apply on the Vieques NWR:

- Obey traffic control and Law Enforcement Officers

- Obey posted signs, speed limits and drive on designated roads – not on beaches or off-road

- Pets must be leashed or confined at all times

- No camping is allowed

- No firearms are allowed

- No open fires are allowed

- Do not litter or dump garbage

- Do not operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- Illegal substances are not allowed on the Vieques NWR

- Do not search for, or remove, objects of antiquity

- Do not use artificial lights or harass wildlife

- Capturing, removing, killing, cutting down or taking any plants or animals is not permitted

- Do not tamper with any vehicles or equipment

- Do not destroy or remove any public or private property

- Do not construct, install or occupy a private structure.

- Do not trespass into closed areas or areas that are not opened for public use.

- Public nudity is illegal in Puerto Rico and not allowed on the VNWR.

Rules and Regulations - 1

Rules and Regulations - 1