Get Involved

Planting Penstemon

There are opportunities for both individuals and groups to volunteer at the Refuge. Pictured here are volunteers transplanting blowout penstemon to increase the Refuge population of this endangered plant.
We welcome people to join and contribute to our Friends Group, the Sandhills Prairie Refuge Association.



Eagle Scout Project

There is not a volunteer coordinator at Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, but the refuge manager, biologist, and maintenance staff are willing to work with volunteers to set up meaningful work that benefits the Refuge. Scouts, schools, 4 H, and environmental groups have all volunteered here. We have a small staff and often need help in getting things done. We need trained volunteers that can work fairly independently in completing wildlife and plant surveys, do invasive plant control, and complete maintenance projects. Please call us well in advance so we have time to set up good projects. We have housing and travel trailer space available for volunteers that can make a longer term commitment.


Friends Group

Wildflowers - Mark Lindvall

Our Friends Group, the Sandhills Prairie Refuge Association, supports all the Refuges in the Complex in meeting our mission. They can be contacted at Sandhills Prairie Refuge Association, 39983 Refuge Road, Valentine, NE 69201.