Rules and Regulations

Wetland at Union Slough NWR

The following highlighted rules are strictly enforced at Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge:

1. Camping, overnight use and fires are prohibited.
2. Vehicles are permitted on designated routes only.
3. The refuge is open for public use during daylight hours only, and trespassing in closed areas is prohibited.
4. The destruction, disturbance and/or collection of plants, animals, minerals, property and artifacts is prohibited on the refuge
5. Dog training is not permitted on the refuge

Download the Public Use Regulations Brochure for a complete list:

Union Slough Public Use Regulations Brochure


**ATTENTION HUNTERS - The hunting regulations have been changed beginning in the 2015-2016 season **


Download the Hunting Regulations Brochure for a complete list of hunting regulations:

Union Slough Hunting Regulations