Law Enforcement

Waterfowl Hunting Kid

Please note that the Batchtown, Portage Island, Gilbert Lake, and most of the Calhoun Division are closed from Oct. 16-Dec. 31 to provide inviolate sanctuary for migratory birds.

Law enforcement is an essential component to sound resource management. Visitors to Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge can expect to see Federal Wildlife Officers (FWOs) regularly patrolling Refuge lands to provide visitor and resource protection. Our FWOs routinely use trucks, ATVs, boats and foot patrol to access and monitor all areas within Two Rivers NWR. FWOs also regularly assist Illinois Conservation Police and Missouri Conservation Agents in other resource protection activities.

Help protect YOUR resources! To report an emergency or ongoing violation call 911. For violations that are not in progress or for general law enforcement questions contact FWO Jared Eatmon at 573-847-2333, x-16. Remember that you are the best protector of natural resources by being a good steward and by reporting violators!