Nature Curriculum


Environmental Education Programs at Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge 

Programs are ideal for grades 3-6 but can be adapted for other grades. 


Observation skills development:  

  • Sense of Place Hike- Using their senses students discover the natural world. 
  • Wildlife Investigators- Students investigate an area to discover and translate clues of an animal’s activities. 
  • The Rules of Wild Things- After taking time to observe wildlife behavior, students will create “rules” each animal needs to follow to survive.  

Service Learning and Stewardship: 

  • What’s it Worth? – Students will look at natural resources using the “land ethic” to evaluate how it changes the way we make decisions.  
  • Allies and Invaders –The diversity of native plants and animals is being threatened by invaders. You can help. 

Plants and Animals: 

  • What’s in the water? -  Dip in and learn about macro invertebrates that live in the backwaters at Two Rivers NWR. Students will use nets to capture water bugs and identify them.
  • Jr. Duck Stamp- Learn about waterfowl and their habitat, then draw a picture of a duck in its home for the Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. 
  • Bottomland Birds- Students learn to identify birds of the bottomland by sight and sound.  
  • Pollinators are Among Us- Through the use of costumes students learn about the importance of pollination and the insects and animals that play a role in the process. (Grades 3-4) 

Nature through Literature: 

  • My Place of Refuge- National Wildlife Refuges are places for wildlife and people. Students take time to reflect and record their thoughts and feelings about this place through words and sketches. 
  • Left Behind- Students tell the stories of objects left by a flood. 

Outdoor Skills: 

  • Telling Stories through Digital Photography- Students will learn the basics of digital photography, then using digital cameras provided by the refuge will practice taking photographs that tell a story.  
  • The Art of Nature- Observe nature through the eyes of an artist to capture the beauty of Two Rivers NWR in the smallest details.  
  • On Your Own- Testing their creativity and ingenuity students will complete a wilderness survival challenge. After completing their challenge students will discuss their successes and failures. (Grades 5-6)    

Science and Management: 

  • Climate Change- How does climate change affect your life? How does it affect an animal’s life? What can we do to slow climate change? A discussion and problem solving lesson.
  • Water Conservation- Using the Project WET curriculum guide we’ll learn about how we can do our part to conserve water.
  • Can We Save It?- Students learn about the important role public lands, zoos and conservation organizations play in preserving threatened and endangered species and their habitat.