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Elk and Youth Waterfowl Hunt

Hunting 512x219During special seasons, a controlled quality limited entry elk and youth waterfowl hunt are available activities at Turnbull. Refuge permits are required to participate in these hunts.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt

The two-day youth waterfowl hunt provides an opportunity for parties of 2 youths and a non-hunting adult to experience this activity. The hunt dates run concurrently with the State youth waterfowl hunt in September. Youth waterfowl hunters will be offered a waterfowl identification course prior to the hunt that would include a tour of the waterfowl hunting sites.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt Brochure


Elk Hunt

A growing elk population impacting important aspen habitat is adequate to provide high quality hunting opportunities while maintaining elk on the Refuge for other priority public uses. Refuge elk hunt schedules vary in accordance with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife annual hunt regulations. A Washington elk hunting permit is required in addition to the refuge permit. State selected Turnbull archery and muzzleloader hunters will be randomly assigned to one of three refuge hunt units. State selected modern firearm hunters will be allowed to hunt the SW Unit only. The State selected bull elk hunter will be allowed to use any of the three weapon types and hunt the SW and NE Units with the exception that modern firearms cannot be used in the NE Unit. 

Pending approval from Washington, a refuge access fee of $25.00 will be required for the elk hunt.

Elk Hunt Brochure 

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2016
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