Comprehensive Conservation Planning

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In October 2013, Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge completed a plan that will guide the management of the refuge for the following 15 years. Known as a "Comprehensive Conservation Plan," it indeed covers a wide array of goals, objectives, and strategies for improving the Refuge for wildlife and people. We invite you to explore the document below to learn about current and future habitats, upcoming management activities, partnership opportunities, and visitor services.

About Comprehensive Conservation Plans (CCPs)

Song Sparrow Promo 150x118In 2010, the Refuge embarked on a process to review its wildlife, habitat, public use, and management practices, including those of the recently established Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Development of the CCP was a collaborative effort that included coordination with and input from many, including other land management agencies, conservation organizations, private landowners, and the communities surrounding the refuge.

The process was quite formal and thorough, involving many public meetings, comment periods, and a complete draft document with multiple alternatives. You can see why it's a multi-year process. The effort paid off as we now have a 15-year vision that we can all be proud of, the local community and conservation community alike. If you're interested in more details about how our process evolved, be sure to read through our Planning Updates below.

Tualatin River NWR Final CCP

CCP Cover 150x194The CCP development effort was not small, and neither is the end product. Below, we've broken it into bite-size sections. Just click the title of the section you're interested in to download a PDF.

A limited number of hard copies are available for viewing. Contact the Refuge at (503) 625-5944 to arrange to view a copy. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Draft CCP

Interested in seeing the draft document?
You can download it here (17.6mb PDF).

Main DocumentAppendices
Cover and TitleA: Appropriate Use Findings
Table of ContentsB: Compatibility Determinations
Ch1: Intro and BackgroundC: Implementation
Ch2: Management DirectionD: Wilderness Review
Ch3: Physical EnvironmentE: Biological Resources of Concern
Ch4: Biological EnvironmentF: Statement of Compliance
Ch5: Human EnvironmentG: Integrated Pest Management
 H: Glossary
 I: Contributors
 J: Acquisition History
 K: Public Involvement
 L: Hydrological Modeling
 M: References
 N: List of Refuge Species
 O: Fire Management Plan
 P: Maps

CCP Planning Updates

Planning Update #1: Planning Begins, November 2010

Planning Update #2: Results of Initial Scoping, April 2011

Planning Update #3: Summary of Draft Alternatives, October 2011

Planning Update #4: Draft CCP and Environmental Assessment Available, October 2012

Reports and Background Documents

Wildlife and Habitat Management Review

Wapato Lake Wetland - Questions and Answers

Visitor Services Management Review

Interagency Scoping Meeting Report

Sherwood Public Scoping Meeting Report

Forest Grove Public Scoping Meeting Report

General Scoping Report