Visitor Activities

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Nature's secrets are waiting to be discovered during your next visit to Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. A great destination any time of year, the Refuge is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the Tualatin River Valley, view abundant wildlife, connect with historic landscapes that once dominated this area, and witness the passion for this special place shared by our staff and volunteers.

  • See Wildlife

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    There are a lot of great reasons to visit Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, including the friendly staff and volunteers (*wink*wink*). But as nice as we are, we'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't admit that the wildlife are the main attraction. This is, after all, their home, and we their visitors. To prepare for a great wildlife experience, check out these resources:

    Tualatin River NWR Wildlife Brochure

    Wildlife Viewing Tips

    Wildlife & Habitat Information

    Seasons of Wildlife

  • Head Out on the Trail

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    Meandering through five habitats and ultimately arriving at the Wetland Observation Deck is our year-round trail, available by walking or mobility device. And if you come between May 1 and September 30 you can check out an additional three miles of the Refuge on our seasonal trail. Plenty of nature's secrets will be revealed along the way, so be sure to employ the sharp ears of the hare and the sharp eyes of the eagle throughout your adventure.

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  • Photograph Nature

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    Whether you're rounding out your portfolio for National Geographic or just want to take home some memories on your Smart Phone, the Refuge is a great place to practice your nature photography skills. Even better is that you don't have to wait to share the amazing sights with your friends and family. With close proximity to the Portland metro area, you should find great reception; which means Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are just a tap away.

    Want to take your photographic experience to the next level? The Refuge and its partners hold photography workshops, field trips, and contests. There is also a photography blind available by reservation.

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  • Visit the Wildlife Center

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    The Wildlife Center is a great place to start your refuge adventure. Explore the exhibits, Nature's Overlook nature store, photo gallery, and indoor and outdoor viewing areas. Take a trip to the past and discover the history of the Tualatin River, the people who came before us, and the people who came together to form what is now Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. Orient yourself to the Refuge's wildlife and habitats, then head out on the trail for an outdoor adventure.

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  • Youth Waterfowl Hunting

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    Since the fall of 2015, portions of the Riverboat Unit of Tualatin River NWR have been opened for a safe, high quality, walk-in controlled youth waterfowl hunting program.  Hunting is an important wildlife management tool that while practiced in a regulated and responsible manner, does not pose a threat to wildlife populations.  Additionally, youth hunting opportunities will reinforce ODFW programs that introduce young people to hunting heritage, education, and mentorships.

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  • Connect Kids with Nature

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    As a refuge connected to the urban environment of the Portland-Vancouver metro area, we're well aware that time in nature is not the commonplace activity for kids that it was even a generation ago. We also know first-hand the tremendous benefits nature offers that stay with us for a lifetime.

    Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge wants to help you instill the values of nature in the young people in your life. To that end, we offer many programs that will help you and your young ones discover all there is to experience and love in the great outdoors.

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  • Learn and Teach

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    Educators are encouraged to bring their students to Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. We hope that by experiencing the Refuge through their natural sense of discovery, students will make important connections with their natural world.

    Classroom field trips to the Refuge rely entirely on an "educator led" concept. Educators and group leaders from the community plan and conduct their own field trips within the guidelines of the Refuge's established programs. To facilitate this model, the Refuge offers Teacher Workshops and curriculum to help prepare educators for a highly valuable and engaging visit to the refuge.

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