Rules and Regulations

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Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is a fantastic home for an abundant variety of wildlife who would love to have you as their guest. They just ask that you follow a few house rules.

Refuge Hours

Wildlife don't wear watches and you don't need to, either. The refuge can be enjoyed all year long from dawn to dusk.


Please leave your pets at home or in your car with the windows cracked. The wildlife are ready to put on a show for you, but they'll stay nervously backstage if Fido's in the audience.


Take some advice from the turtle and enjoy the refuge at a leisurely pace. The trails are for walking only.


The Refuge is a special place that we all share, so please leave plants and animals where they are. Collecting of any kind is not permitted.


Operating drones on the Refuge is not permitted. Drones can be disturbing to wildlife and we try to make the Refuge a stress-free zone as much as possible.

Wildlife Handling

We know they’re cute, but do not pick up wildlife under any circumstance. Even if you think a young animal has been abandoned, chances are it has a parent watching anxiously nearby.

Prohibited Activities

And here’s some stuff we just have to say no to: Fires, fireworks, fishing and unauthorized hunting. The critters are also the only ones allowed to spend the night, so camping and overnight parking are not permitted.