New Outreach Trailer has Reel Appeal

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A new outreach trailer, co-developed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and I'm Hooked Inc., will be connecting Portland-Vancouver Metro Area families to fishing and conservation at area parks, lakes, and National Wildlife Refuges.

Wil Warren, co-founder and Executive Director of I’m Hooked Inc., likes to tell the story of his father taking him fishing when he was a boy. The smell of the air, the quiet of the morning, and the thrill of catching a fish — these wonderful memories are what Wil wanted to pass on to the next generation. He began in 1989 by connecting 50 youth to fishing at a one-day event at Henry Hagg Lake. As it strides toward its 30th anniversary, the I’m Hooked Free Youth & Family Fishing Weekend is now a two-day event — the first weekend every June — that attracts more than 1,200 youth and their families.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service began partnering with I’m Hooked in 2015 through the Portland-Vancouver area National Wildlife Refuges. With limited on-refuge fishing opportunities, due to predominantly seasonal wetland habitats, this partnership with I'm Hooked has been critical for the USFWS to stay connected to the local community through fishing.

With support from the USFWS, I'm Hooked has been able to grow their signature Hagg Lake event, as well as create additional fishing events in the Portland area and beyond that attracted over 1,800 participants in 2017. The relationship continues to grow and will now have the help of an eye-catching trailer that will make meeting budding anglers where they are even easier to do.

The "Get Kids Into Nature" trailer, with its colorful depictions of kids and families spending time among the water, trees, and wildlife of the local area, embodies the spirit of the USFWS-I'm Hooked Partnership. While fishing is the big hook, Wil's passion has always been to introduce kids and families to the natural world and help them find balance, and in some cases relief, from the push and pull of daily life in the city.

Accompanying the trailer is a new website launched by I'm Hooked — — that will feature events throughout the year sponsored by I'm Hooked and the USFWS through the four local National Wildlife Refuges: Tualatin River, Ridgefield, Steigerwald Lake, and Wapato Lake.

Check out some photos of the new trailer below:

Reel Trailer Side 1

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