Rhythms of the Refuge

An Educator's Guide to Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge
Image of a song sparrow by Dennis Davenport

Download Rhythms of the Refuge below (All Files PDF)

Note: If you use a sceen reader and are unable to access the material included in the downloads, please contact the Refuge via e-mail at tualatinriver@fws.gov or phone at (503) 625-5944 for an alternative format.

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Background

Chapter II - Field Trip Guide

  • Field Trip Preparation (187kb)
    Includes: Reservation Form, Top 10 Questions Teachers Ask, Parent Chaperone Packet

Chapter III - Indoor Classroom Activities

Chapter IV - Pre/On-Site/Post Activities

Facts About Rhythms of the Refuge

Designed and tested with the assistance of local educators

Conforms to Oregon Natural Resources Education Program

Includes Refuge habitats and wildlife info, field trip planner, and pre/on-site/post field trip activities.