2015 Bird Festival Photos

2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 15

Getting excited about Tualatin River Bird Festival or trying to decide if it's right for you (spoiler alert: it totally is)? Take a stroll down memory lane and check out these images from the 2015 Bird Festival.

 2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 9

The Portland Audubon Bird Show is a great chance to get up close and personal with some amazing feathered friends.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 10

Find out why turkey vultures are known as "nature's recyclers" at the Bird Show.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 8

Portland Audubon bird handlers will also be roaming the festival grounds, giving you a chance for a personal greeting with the stars of the Bird Show.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 1

Whether you're new to archery or and old pro, visit the the target range and let loose.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 2

Never tried archery before? Well now's your chance. USFWS staff and volunteer instructors are on hand to teach you the basics.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 4

Archery is a great activity for the whole family, and a chance for a little healthy competition between generations.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 11 

If fishing is your thing (or maybe your future thing), try some casting target practice. Need some tips? Expert volunteers will be at your side helping you get ready to land a big one.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 16

Tour the refuge in vintage style on a tractor-towed Conestoga wagon. USFWS staff and expert naturalists will be on board to give you a behind-the-scenes perspective on what it take to care for a wildlife refuge.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 6

Feeling industrious? Build a bird house, bat house, or bee board to take home. Tools, supplies and helpers are provided. Building a house was never so easy.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 14

You'll find USFWS staff and Friends of the Refuge volunteers all over the Festival, ready to share cool facts about wildlife, like Pacific lamprey, as well as their passion for Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 12

The Festival is full of fun drop-in activities, like Native American feather art.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 13

It's always colorful fun when you try out Gyotaku fish printing.



2015 BirdFest Gallery Pic 5

It's easy to make of day of it at Bird Festival, with sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs for sale. Even better, a portion of the food proceeds go to support Tualatin River Bird Festival and ensure it remains a free, family-friendly event.