Wildlife Photography

Enjoying Trinity River / Anders Tomlinson ©

The bottomland hardwood forest of Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge offer opportunities for wildlife photographers to capture spectacular wildlife and landscape images.

Wildlife observation and photography opportunities are available on the refuge’s ten tracts that have trails. The Champion Lake Day Use Area offers the most variety. This 800 acre cypress-tree-studded lake and adjacent 4,600-acres of bottomland hardwood forest are host or home to a documented 100 species of birds throughout the year. Nearly two dozen species of reptiles, including the venomous cottonmouth water moccasin, turtles and ever-present alligators can also be found. Mammals include white-tailed deer, coyotes, raccoons, and an occasional bobcat. For pollinators, photographers should consider visiting the butterfly/hummingbird garden trail located at Champion Lake Day Use Area.