Cypress tree trunks submerged

Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge offers excellent fishing opportunities at Champion Lake and Pickett’s Bayou

Champion Lake is the largest and easiest location to access for fishing. The lake consists of 800 acres of flooded cypress trees. A 150-foot fishing pier is near the parking area but visitors can also access by boat or along a 3,000 foot levee. The site includes a portable toilet for public use. Pickett’s Bayou is adjacent to Champion Lake, but offers fishing in a small stream connected to the Trinity River rather than a lake. Both sites provide opportunity to catch bass, crappie, or catfish. State fishing regulations apply so be sure to have a current fishing license in your possession.

Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge is for wildlife, including alligators, opossum, beavers, otters, and snakes. Be aware they are out there.

Please respect these public lands and take your trash with you. Littering not only creates a problem for wildlife, it is illegal.

Helpful Information:
Refuge Regulations
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department