Visitor Activities

Wildlife Photography

Visitor activities on Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge are limited—in number, not in quality. Toppenish doesn't provide a lot of activities, but what it does provide, it does it right.

  • Wildlife Observation


    Toppenish is all about seeing wildlife, especially birds. The scenery’s pleasant, but no one is going to produce a postcard of it. There’s no imposing geology, no kaleidoscope of landscapes, no dramatic vegetation. But there is a wildlife show to see, one that few bother to investigate.

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  • Hiking


    Hiking is only allowed on designated trails and in the southeast portion of the main refuge from Highway 97 to the Refuge Headquarters. Sorry, protection of the wildlife is our top priority.

  • Hunting

    Mutt Hut

    Hunting is an extremely popular activity on Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge covers a variety of habitats, including rough, uneven terrain, deep waters, dense stands of vegetation, stubble fields and ditches. Hunting difficulty varies by area, and hunters should examine their own abilities and limitations before using the refuge. Disabled persons should hunt with a partner and consult the refuge manager for suggestions for hunting the area safely. The use of dogs is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Successful hunters usually have a dog to retrieve downed birds that otherwise might not be found. Decoys and calls should be used to bring birds into ideal shooting range.

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