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 Most of the positions available at Togiak National Wildlife Refuge are seasonal, occurring between the months of May and September. We have occasional openings for permanent staff. 

  • Permanent Positions

    We currently have 16 permanent positions at Togiak Refuge. Occasionally, vacancies in our permanent staff occur. These vacancies will be advertised through USA Jobs with full details on opening dates, necessary qualifications, and position descriptions.

    To see a list of our current permanent positions, view our Staff Directory.

  • Seasonal: Park Ranger

    Park Rangers work with visitors to Togiak Refuge to collect public use information and teach wilderness ethics. They may work for long periods of time in remote field camps, work from area villages, or they may be based in the Togiak Refuge office. Ranger positions last approximately four months, from June through September.

    Togiak Refuge normally hires 6-8 Park Rangers each summer. Some of these positions are advertised nationally through USA Jobs. The open period to apply is limited and usually falls in December or January. Applications must be postmarked by the closing date, which will be available at USA Jobs 

    Some positions are filled locally and are announced during winter months in southwest Alaska communities. If you live on or near Togiak Refuge and are interested in applying for one of these positions, please contact us to find out more or complete the online form Contact Us to arrange for staff to contact you.  Positions may also be posted with the Alaska Job Center Network.

  • Seasonal: Biological Technicians

    Biological Technicians work with fisheries and wildlife programs, collecting data and often living in remote field camps. Duties of Biological Technicians vary depending on the program(s) they are working with. These positions usually begin in April or May and last through September or October.

    During the summer season we normally hire 3-7 Biological Technicians. In order to gain a national pool of applicants for these positions, they are advertised through USA Jobs. The open period for applying for these positions is usually from the first week of December through the first week of January. USA Jobs will specify the exact dates. Applications must be postmarked by the closing date in order to be eligible for consideration. In addition to getting your application in, you may want to follow up with the specific refuges you want to work for with a phone call, a copy of your application, or both. 

    If you live on or near Togiak Refuge and are interested in applying for one of these positions, please contact us to find out more or complete the Contact Us online form to arrange for staff to contact you. 

  • Volunteering

    In the past we have utilized volunteers to help us with a wide variety of projects, field work as well as projects in the office. Student interns have also been valuable additions. If you are interested in volunteering with us at Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, please contact us directly with information regarding your availability and skills. Typically, you will need to provide your own transportation to Dillingham or one of the local villages if you wish to volunteer.

    For more information about nationwide U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service volunteer opportunities, visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Volunteer website.