Weather can delay travel for days at a time.

Moist and rainy conditions typically greet visitors, residents and wildlife alike in summer; although warm sunny weather does occur. Daytime temperatures generally range between 40° and 70°F.

Snow covers the mountains by early October. In November, ice typically forms on lakes and rivers and remains until June. Winter daytime temperatures generally range from 40° to -20°F, sometimes falling as low as -40°F. Winds can make even mild temperatures feel much colder.

Plants and animals take advantage of microclimates created by the varied terrain to find favorable temperature, moisture and wind conditions. 

Visitors to the Refuge may hope for the best weather, but should always prepare for the worst. It is not uncommon for a warm and sunny day suddenly to turn cold, windy and wet. Flights and travel plans must be flexible because weather can delay travel for days at a time. 


The Nation Weather Service provides current weather forecasts.