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Alligator snapping turtle research 512 x 219National Wildlife Refuges work closely with other researchers, Universities and science-based organizations interested in supporting the agency’s wildlife conservation mission.

The following are some of the recent research projects conducted on the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Prothonotary warbler study  
  • Ground nesting bird studies 
  • White-tailed deer surveys through digital analysis 
  • Neo-tropical bird banding 
  • Dormancy study of Seaside Alder 
  • Alligator snapping turtle conservation success (Reproduction) 
  • Vegetation and ecological succession associated with sedimentation and forestation of the Cumberland Pool. 
  • Oxbow System Assessment, protocol and development 
  • Stoichiometric links to community ecology and evolution in aquatic environments  
Page Photo Credits — Wetland sampling for Daphnia and Duckwwed Research / USFWS
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2013
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