Law Enforcement

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Protecting our wildlife resources for today and future generations, while providing for the public's safety.

US Fish & Wildlife Service Federal Wildlife Officers regularly patrol Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) with the focus of visitor safety and resource protection. Officers enforce Federal Statutes and Regulations and all North Dakota State Laws associated with motor vehicles, hunting, and fishing. You can expect to encounter a Federal Wildlife Officer anywhere you travel on Tewaukon NWR, as they often patrol in vehicles and boats as well as by foot. Feel free to contact any officer as they are often the best resource for on-the-ground information about local conditions and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Federal Wildlife Officers encounter a wide variety of violations on the Refuge stemming from violations of hunting and fishing laws to general public use regulations.  Also, remember that all Refuge numbered routes are treated the same as state roadways.  If it is a prohibited activity on the highway, it is prohibited on Refuge roads. Also note that motor vehicles are allowed only on numbered routes, and off-road travel is prohibited and enforced as such. Collection or transportation of any plants, animals, or other items found on the Refuge is prohibited except for legally taken wildlife. For specific regulation questions, contact Tewaukon NWR Headquarters or any officer.