Visitor Activities

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  • Bird Watching

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    Spring and fall are the best time to see the most bird species on the Refuge. The Bird Checklist notes the season and relative abundance of 186 species found in the Upper Tanana Valley. Waterfowl may be seen in these areas:


    MP 1221.6 Set of lakes on the north side of highway

    MP 1223-1225.7 Desper & Scotty Creeks - wetlands and lakes on both sides of highway

    MP 1267 Lakes south of the highway

    MP 1289 Midway Lake (private lands on south side of highway) 

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  • Hiking

    Trail Head for Hidden Lake Trail

    Hidden Lake Trail (MP 1240) is a 1-mile trail through deciduous and lowland forest to Hidden Lake. An elevated, running plank boardwalk keeps visitors dry while hiking to the beautiful destination of Hidden Lake. It is a quiet, attractive undeveloped area with no facilities. 

    There are opportunities for backcountry hiking on the Refuge for experienced hikers with wilderness survival skills.


  • Seaton Recreation Area

    Seaton Pond June 2013

    Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge in AK, has developed a new recreation area which includes primitive tent camping sites and multiple trails with observation decks.

    At the site of a former Seaton Roadhouse about five miles from the Tetlin Refuge visitor center, age old ridges of windblown glacial silt surround a small pond. Streams meander through the area providing habitat for beaver, songbirds, small mammals, moose, wolf and bear. The Refuge has designed a series of trails (complete with observation decks and benches) for people to explore this forested wetland.

    Visitor accommodations include a parking area, pavilion, and a vault toilet near the trailhead. Overnight visitors will find primitive camping sites, including tent site, fire ring and bench, at scenic overlooks near the end of two spur trails. There is no camping, except in designated areas along the trail. Guests are asked to register.

    Completed in the 2012 season, the Refuge expects to attract cyclists and long distance walkers traveling the Alaska Highway, some on epic multi-continent trips, many traveling solo.


  • Trails

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    Taiga Trail (MP 1249) is a quarter-mile interpretive walk at Deadman Lake Campground, and it leads to an observation deck for this lovely lake.

    Please check with staff at the Refuge headquarters or Visitor Center for lands within Refuge boundaries.


  • Boating

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    Boat ramps are located at the Chisana River, ¼ mile south of Northway Junction (MP 1264) and at Deadman Lake Campground. A boat launch is found along the Tanana River at milepost 1264. Small boat/raft access is also available from Desper Creek (MP 1226) and Lakeview Campground (Yarger Lake). A small boat is available to visitors at Hidden Lake.


  • Canoeing

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    One of the best ways to explore Tetlin Refuge is by canoe. Lakes at both campgrounds offer easy canoeing.

    Desper and Scottie Creeks are small, clear, slow moving streams with Alaska Highway access which may be found at mileposts 1223 and 1225. Day or overnight trips are possible up to 17 miles long.

    Chisana River: The Chisana is a large, fast, glacier fed river with no rapids below Scottie Creek. A good 4 - 6 day (70 mile ) trip is available if started on Desper Creek.


  • Fishing / Hunting

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    Northern pike, burbot and grayling are the most popular sport fish on the Refuge. There are also rainbow trout in Hidden Lake (MP 1240.0) which were stocked by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. State fishing regulations are available at the Refuge office or Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in Tok. State licenses are available from local businesses.

    Refuge lands are open to hunting in accordance with state and federal regulations. There are unposted privately owned lands within the Refuge boundary that are not open to hunting. Please check with Refuge staff for details.

  • Photography

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     Lakeview Campground has a photo blind for visitors. Completed during the 2007 & 2008 seasons by two volunteer couples, this photo blind was funded by the North American Nature Photography Association. The blind is located in a secluded area that offers visitors an opportunity to photograph waterfowl, moose, and other wildlife in the wetlands setting. There is a simple foot trail from a campground kiosk leading to the blind