Plan Your Visit

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 Welcome to the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge

The Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is a “must see” on your list of stops in Alaska. If you are driving into the state from the south on the Alaska Highway, you can’t miss it! As soon as you cross the border, the Refuge boundary is adjacent to the south side of the highway for almost 65 miles. Wildlife viewing, incredible bird watching, camping, fishing, hiking, boating, photography and hunting are all activities that can be enjoyed on the Refuge. The scenic views are splendid as you paddle or hike through the Refuge, as well as from numerous pullouts along the highway. The Refuge Visitor Center provides information, displays and interpretive programs daily, as well as a bookstore operated by the Alaska Geographic. Remote administrative use cabins are available to the public through a reservation process.

Educational groups are encouraged to visit the refuge. Please plan ahead and contact the Refuge well in advance for assistance and pertinent information.