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Just For Kids

art_campAt the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, we love to work with kids! Whether pre-schooler or teenager, young people have numerous opportunities to take part in Refuge activities and programs.

Our educational and fun summer programs continue to be popular experiences.

For some online activities you can print and do, check out our Kid’s Corner.  

Summer Programs

The Refuge offers summer programs for all ages and interest levels. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to attend some very special camps and programs this summer.

Offerings include:

  • Nature Buddies - day camps for young children < 8 yrs.
  • Water Orientation Day - day camps for youngsters 8 and up focusing on wetland ecology, animal observation, water safety and introductory canoe skills.
  • Kite & Crane Day
  • Botany Hikes
  • Family Float Trips/ Canoe Trips
  • Art in Nature - 4 day camp (for ages 10 - 12)
  • Art Camp –a 3day “observation through art” camp at Deadman Lake (ages 10 and up)
  • Carnivals – scattered throughout the summer

Pre-registration camps have limited space available and require planning ahead.

See Facebook for latest news regarding programs offered.

There is no charge for any of these activities.



Last Updated: Apr 02, 2015
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