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Resource Management

Forest Management - 512 x 285

Resource management is our number one priority at Tensas River NWR!  Below, you can find more information on our most important management activities.

  • Forest Management

    Logging - Promo List - 150 x 118

    Discover more about forest management on Tensas River NWR.

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  • Moist-Soil Management

    Disking - Promo List - 150 x 118

    Find out how refuge staff manage for waterfowl, shorebirds, and wading birds.

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  • Invasive Species Management

    Feral Hog - Promo List - 150 x 118

    Learn more about managing the most destructive invasive species present on Tensas River NWR.

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Page Photo Credits — USFWS Forester Nathan Renick marks a tree to be removed during timber harvest - ©Pope Video Productions/D. Johnson Films, Logging on Tensas River NWR - USFWS, Disking moist-soil unit on Tensas River NWR - ©Pope Video Productions/D. Johnson Films, Feral hog - USFWS
Last Updated: Oct 14, 2015
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