Things to Do Outside

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“Let the rain kiss you.”

— Langston Hughes







   Here are a few ideas of things you can do outside on the refuge 

or right at home! 


Who Lives Around You

Walk around your yard, neighborhood, local park, or a National Wildlife Refuge and observe all the wildlife. If you don't see wildlife at first don't get discouraged. Sometimes wildlife runs to hide when people come around, but they leave signs that they were there. Look for tracks, scat (Yes, that’s poop!), the remains of their last meal, or bits of fur.     

Dirt Don't Hurt

There are lots of things to see underground and you don't have to dig very deep to find them. You can simply dig a small hole and observe. What do you see? Bugs? Worms? Seeds? Roots? What color is the soil? Just remember to fill the hole back in so nobody gets hurt walking over it.     

Write in a Journal 

Collect information like a biologist! They write down everything they see and hear. It can be a simple list, or you can make it more detailed with sketches and descriptions of sounds. Don't forget the date and time! Your journal may give you ideas for a school assignment, a blog, or even a Facebook/Twitter status. You never know who you could inspire to go outside with your written ideas!  

Small But Significant

There can be what seems like a whole other worlds hiding under a log. Look closely at tree bark. Observe a small area in the mud. Can you see things you couldn't before? Sometimes the smallest of things can seem the most amazing! You can even use a magnifying glass to see more!     

Simon Says

There are all kids of sounds in nature and all kinds of things going on. Listen and try to make the same sounds you hear, or act out what you see wildlife doing. This activity is really fun with friends and family!    

Keep Thinking

This was just a short list, but the possibilities are endless with the different activities you can do outside. We are sure you have fun ideas of your own. So, put on your thinking cap, and let the creative juices flow!