TTI Partner Work Day

Partnerships with the Refuge System bring innovative approaches to solving land and water management challenges in the most environmentally protective manner. 

The National Wildlife Refuge System is committed to building partnerships which encourage conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural resources.  

Scientifically-informed and technologically-based stewardship of our public lands, waters, wildlife and special places must be collaborative efforts between the Refuge System, other government agencies, and private organizations if conservation efforts are to succeed.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

 Rookery Bay NERR is a state agency managed by the by the Coastal Office of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in cooperation with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Our partnership with the employees, friends group, and volunteers of Rookery Bay NERR allows for significant expansion of research, resource management, and education in the precious Ten Thousand Islands area of Southwest Florida. From sea turtle nesting activity to estuarine diversity, our understanding of wildlife within Ten Thousand Islands is complemented by the activities of Rookery Bay NERR. The significance of this partnership is partially thanks to the Ten Thousand Islands Aquatic Preserve, an area of protected mangrove, estuarine, and marine habitats to the north of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Together our agencies are better able to fulfill primary missions of promoting informed coastal decisions through research and education while conserving critical mangrove, marsh, and hardwood hammock habitats along with their species.

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Partners for Fish and Wildlife

 The Partners for Fish and Wildlife program is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s most popular and effective program for voluntary citizen and community-based fish and wildlife habitat restoration activities.  The Partners program serves as a bridge to owners and managers of private lands to develop partnerships for the benefit of the Service’s Trust Species. Its approach is simple: Engage willing partners, through non-regulatory incentives, to conserve and protect wildlife values on their property. We do this by providing technical assistance and leveraging the funding support needed to make on-the-ground conservation affordable, feasible and effective.

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Florida Invasive Species Partnership

FISP was founded in September 2008 to determine the best ways to assist landowners with invasive plant species management on private lands and to coordinate efforts between invasive species control measures on private lands with those occurring on public lands.

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Southwest Florida Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (SWFL CISMA)

A CISMA is a partnership of private landowners; homeowners; federal, state, and local government agencies; NGOs; vendors, contractors, consultants; and other interested groups that manage invasive species in a defined area. Our goal is to pool resources and expertise to protect and/or reclaim land that is over-run by invasive species and to expand our efforts across the landscape, rather than stopping at political or property boundaries.

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