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Resource Management

Resource mgt

District staff use a variety of habitat management techniques to maintain, recover or enhance plant and wildlife values. Biologists carefully consider any management techniques and employ them in varying degrees according to the situation.

Tamarac district activities have focused primarily on private land habitat restoration that benefits waterfowl and other wetland dependent species. As much as possible, wetlands have been restored to natural water levels that will fluctuate in reaction to seasonal and annual precipitation. Over 1,300 wetlands have been restored since 1988 through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program.

These wetland restorations are primarily accomplished by utilizing two primary methods including temporary water control structures across existing ditching and by adding fill around natural landscape contours that allow wetlands to refill.
Historically, the district programs have focused on managing habitats for wetland dependent wildlife species. Today the district staff is addressing forest improvement projects that benefit species that have been in decline. We are working to strategically focus on early successional habitat that would benefit a whole suite of species dependent on young forests.


Last Updated: Mar 03, 2013
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