Trumpeter Swan

Cygnus buccinator
Trumpeter Swans


In the late 1880s, trumpeter swans disappeared from Minnesota. In 1987, the Refuge teamed up with the state in their efforts to restore these magnificent birds and the first of several young adults were released in Jim’s Marsh. Today there are more than 30 successful nesting pairs on the Refuge and an estimated 7,000 birds around the state. The comeback of the trumpeter swan has been described as one of the most successful restorations of a once-endangered wildlife species. Listen for their brassy call and look for them loafing among beds of wild rice. Although they have been seen year round at the Refuge, April through November is the best time for viewing.


Facts About Trumpeter Swan

Submerged and emergent aquatic vegetation, grasses, grains.
Average Lifespan
15 years
4 to 5 feet 

7 to 8 feet
21-30 pounds