Just For Kids

Tamarac Youth Explorer

Spending time outdoors makes us healthier. Even when you are learning from home you can be a nature explorer. Get some Tamarac Take Out and explore the outdoors close to home.

  • Wild Wednesdays

    Kid Insect collector

    Wild Wednesdays have gone virtual! Take part in the weekly fun. Check out the activities here.

  • Tamarac Takeout

    Are you hungry for nature? These activities will connect you with nature and take you outside to make new nature discoveries.  Watch for new Tamarac Take Out each week. Share your discoveries with friends and family.

  • Migration

    Trumpeter Swan flight

    This week we are exploring migration! Click here to see the migration challenges.

  • Earth Day Every Day

    Earth Day

    This week we are celebrating Earth Day! Click here to see how you can help protect nature.

  • Spring is Here

    Goldfinch 1

    This week explore Spring in your backyard! Watch for fun spring activities to be added.