Visitor Activities

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The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex offers a wide variety of recreational activities for visitors.

  • Plan Your Visit

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    If you enjoy getting outdoors and looking for wildlife, visit the Complex! Drive one of the auto tours or take a hike along a trail to spot some of the wildlife of the Sacramento Valley. Learn more about planning your visit, seeing wildlife, and more.

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  • Visitor Center

    Visitor Center

     The Visitor Center for the Sacramento NWR Complex is located at Sacramento NWR. Come by and check out the wildlife displays, bookstore, Discovery Room, native plant garden, picnic area, Wetland Walk, auto Tour and more! Visit the link on Sacramento NWR's page for more information.


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  • Auto Tours

    Vehicle as Photo Blind

    The Complex offers two Auto Tours that take you through a variety of habitats and provide amazing wildlife viewing. Visit the Sacramento NWR's webpage for more information.

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  • Programs and Events

    Weekend Programs Tram Ride Get Your Goose On

    From self-guided walks to naturalist-led programs, the Complex provides opportunities for visitors of all ages learn more about the wildlife and habitat. Visit the Sacramento NWR's webpage for more information.

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  • Photography

    Young Photographer Sac Platform

    Refuges provide enhanced opportunities to photograph wildlife in natural habitats by providing platforms, brochures, interpreters, viewing areas, and tour routes.

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  • Trails

    Wetlands Walk Trail Sign

    The Complex has a variety of trails through different habitats. Learn about the spring trails on Sutter. Click the link below to learn about all the trails on the Sacramento NWRC.

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  • Bicycling


    Sutter NWR does not permit bicycles. But bicycling is permitted on some of the other refuges on a limited number of trails and roads, for a limited time during the year (May 15 – Aug 15).  To learn more about where bicycling is permitted, click the link below on Sacramento NWR's webpage.

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  • Hunting


    Hunting is an important wildlife management tool that we recognize as a healthy, traditional outdoor pastime, deeply rooted in America's heritage. Hunting can instill a unique understanding and appreciation of wildlife, their behavior, and their habitat needs.

    As practiced on refuges, hunting does not pose a threat to wildlife populations, and in some instances is necessary for sound wildlife management. Visit the Sacramento NWR's webpage for information on hunting on Sutter.



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  • Environmental Education

    Duck ID Challenge Sac Jr Hunt Dec 2012 have permission

    Thousands of students and youth participate in educational programs every year. Refuges are wild places, and we want to teach you more about them! Visit the Sacramento NWR's webpage for more information.

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  • Geocaching

    Geocaching child USFWS kid at Stone Lakes

    Combine nature and technology on our high-tech scavenger hunt. Visit the Sacramento NWR's webpage for more information.

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  • Fishing

    Packer Unit

    Fishing is only available on the Packer Unit of the Sacramento River NWR and on the Sacramento River. Visit the Sacramento River NWR's webpage for more information.

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