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Resource Management

512 x 219 Native Prairie

Refuge managers use a variety of wildlife and habitat management and monitoring techniques to restore and maintain quality wildlife habitat and populations. Habitat resources at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve consist of a combination of woodlands and interspersed native prairie with some wetlands.  

  • Woodlands

    150x118 Woodlands

    Only 2% of North Dakota is forested.  Sullys Hill NGP is part of this unique habitat across the state with nearly 700 acres of native deciduous forest. Woodland resources at Sullys Hill NGP are managed for healthy native woodlands of various classes and structure to provide habitat for migratory birds, in balance with bison, elk and other resident wildlife species.  Management of woodland habitat includes monitoring the effects of grazing, thinning, prescribed fire and invasive species removal.  

  • Prairies

    150x118 Prairie Lilly

    Many wildlife species depend on grasslands for food, cover, and nesting sites.  Prairies areas throughout North America continue to decline in quantity and quality, due in part to invasion by exotic plant species.  Refuge managers use a variety of management tools to manage the prairie resources at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve.  These include: grazing, mowing, prescribed fire, farming and invasive plant removal.  Vegetation surveys are conducted to monitor the diversity and density of grassland species within the prairie habitats at Sullys Hill NGP.

  • Wetlands

    150x118 Wetlands

    Wetlands are important to both migratory birds and other resident wildlife.  Part of Sullys Hill NGP is underwater due to the current record-high water levels of Devils Lake.  There are a number of natural and constructed wetlands located througout the Preserve that provide water sources for bison and elk and habitat for nesting waterfowl.  Waterlevels are generally controlled by mother nature.  Several freshwater springs can be found throughout the Preserve with moderate out-flows.

  • Wildlife

    150x118 bison with calf

    Large ungulates including bison, elk and deer populations are actively managed to ensure healthy wildlife and habitat at Sullys Hill NGP.  Maintaining the purpose of the refuge as a big game preserve, the bison, elk and white-tailed deer polulations are currently managed to less than 20 animals of each species in an effort to improve habitat conditions and maintain public veiwing opportunities.

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2014
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