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Visitor Activities

Black-crowned Night Heron

A mix of prairie, forest, and wetland habitats provide outstanding opportunity for wildlife veiwing year round.  

  • Wildlife Viewing

    A 4-mile wildlife drive winds through forest, open prairie and savanna habitats. Visitors on the auto tour may leave their vehicles where observation decks are located. Visitors may have the opportunity to view and photograph plains bison, Rocky Mountain elk, white-tailed deer, prairie dogs and other wildlife native to the area along the drive.

    Over 2 miles of hiking trails outside the bison and elk enclosure offer numerous opportunities to view warblers, wood ducks, kingfishers, hooded mergansers, black-crowned night-herons and other bird species. Warbler numbers peak in the month of May and in late October and bald eagles commonly stage on the refuge in November and late winter. Hardy species like pileated, hairy, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers are year-round residents at Sullys Hill. The fully accessible education and visitor center features a full wall of windows and an outside patio to observe a host of species frequenting the birding garden. Common species include rose-breasted grosbeak, American goldfinch, black-capped chickadee, and white breasted nuthatch.

  • Photography

    Perhaps the fastest growing activity on national wildlife refuges is wildlife photography.  Sullys Hill National Game Preserve provides enhanced opportunities to photograph wildlife in natural habitats by providing observation decks, viewing areas, and a 4-mile wildlife drive.  Beginning and expert photographers alike are invited to record their outdoor adventures.

  • Interpretation

    Interpretation programs provide opportunities for visitors to make their own connections to the natural world.  From self-guided walks to ranger-led programs, visitors learn more about the wildlife and habitats at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve and throughout the Devils Lake Wetland Management District.

  • Environmental Education

    Sullys Hill offers environmental education programs for a variety of audiences providing unique and exciting outdoor environments and excellent locations for hands-on learning activities.  Contact or visit Sullys Hill National Game Preserve to check on program availability and environmental education opportunities.

  • Hunting

    The legislative purposes for Sullys Hill National Game Preserve do not allow hunting on the refuge.

  • Fishing

    Public fishing is not permitted on the refuge. 

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014
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