Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Blue Heron Trails outdoor amphitheater, educational kiosks, accessible trails and wetlands offer classes of all ages a unique and exciting outdoor environment – an excellent location for hands-on learning activities.  The 'Bee the Biologist' curriculum-based field journal engages students as they explore and learn about their natural surroundings.

  • Educational Kiosks

    Blue Heron Trails

    Along Blue Heron Trails are eight environmental education panels on four kiosks (two panels on each kiosk), each with a different theme.  The panels are aligned with the State of California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) for grades K-6, and incoorproated into the "Bee" the Biologist' progam and field journal activities.  Educators are encouraged to take advantage of these educational kiosks on their field trips to enhance lesson objectives and activities.

  • 'Bee the Biologist' Program

    Bee the Biologist

    An educational hands-on program where teachers and students explore Blue Heron Trails through science based activities and a field journal. The "Bee" the Biologist' program is designed to compliment the on-site educational kiosks with the K-6 State of California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) curriculum.  "Bee" the Biologist' is a great way to work science, art, math, history, and language writing skills into a field trip to the refuge.

  • Project BudBurst

    Project Budburst

    Stone Lakes has partnered with Project BudBurst, a nationwide Citizen Science project, to monitor long-term climate change on seasonal timing of plant flowering, fruiting, etc.  Anyone can participate.  All you have to do is write what you observe for any of our 10 selected plants while you are enjoying a nice walk, and then input your data on the Project BudBurst webpage for Stone Lakes. The plants that were picked to monitor can all be found on Blue Heron Trails. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors while lending your nature observations to a science monitoring project!

  • For Educators


    Are you a teacher or youth group leader looking for more information on what you can do with your group at Stone Lakes NWR?  Checkout the For Educators page for more information about the site, facilities, educational programs and to schedule a field trip or Blue Heron Trails site reservation.

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