Fire Management

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Fire Management: Prescription for a healthy habitat.

Fire plays an important role in the management of refuge habitats; the key is to assess the amount of fuels and moisture, along with a close eye on the weather patterns to determine when the best time is to achieve an effective, controlled burn. Prescribed fire is an important tool in managing habitat conditions to benefit the multitude of wildlife that utilize the refuge. Prescribed fire is also used to reduce hazardous levels of vegetation which pose a wildfire risk to refuge facilities and neighboring communities. 

Each year, a number of prescribed fires are planned to help reduce hazardous vegetation levels, protect wildland-urban interface communities, and enhance wetland marsh habitat areas. Implementing the prescribed fires in the winter avoids potential impacts to nesting birds and other breeding animals and burns better while vegetation is dead or dormant. 

The USFWS employs a fire management team in each Region across the country. Many refuge-based fire teams assist other state, Federal, Tribal and local fire departments in wildland fire suppression efforts if requested.  


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