Hey Kids! Check Out These Fun, Free Nature Activities!

Walking in

Wetlands and Wings is a twice yearly free event hosted by 'the Wetlands and Wings youth outdoor program under Friends of Stillwater a community non profit group (not a refuge Friends association). The program introduces youth ages 10 - 17yrs to the outdoors through education, hands-on learning, and mentored bird hunts. Other outdoor activities occur throughout the year for habitat, wildlife and public outreach projects in the Lahontan Valley and beyond. Locations include Fallon Trap Club, Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge and Lahontan Valley Bird Dog Club. 

For more information visit the Wetlands and Wings website or call 775-666-8031 to have an application sent to you.


Jr. Duck Stamp Conservation Art Contest

Entry deadline is March 15 every year.


The Federal Jr Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program is a dynamic art and science curriculum that teaches wetland and waterfowl conservation to students K - 12. The program encourages students to explore their natural world, invites them to investigate biology and wildlife management, and challenges them to express and share what they learned with others.  

The winning artwork from the national contest serves as the design for the Jr. Duck Stamp, which the USFWS produces annually. This $5 stamp supports the program and is highly sought after by stamp collectors. 100% of the sales of stamps supports conservation and environmental education for students in this program.
Best in Show winners from each state compete in the National contest in late Spring. The winner is chosen by a panel of expert judges over three days. By displaying artwork and delivering related outdoor activities, state coordinators share student accomplishments with families and communities each year.  Several students from past contests have gone on to become wildlife artists and conservation professionals; many owe their interest and success to participation in the Jr. Duck Stamp Program.
          2016 Nevada Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show     

Canvasback drake –acrylic painting by Santiago LaRochelle, age 14

Las Vegas, NV (repeat winner from 2015!)       

 For information about the Nevada Junior Duck Stamp Program, contact:
Jennifer Heroux, Nevada JDSP Coordinator
Desert NWR Complex
4701 North Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130


What Kids Can Do - Voices from the Next Generation click on this link to discover great ideas for nature-saving projects you and your friends can do!

Download this FREE student magazine, BirdSleuth Investigator and learn why birds come to feeders, how temperature affects the number and kinds of birds found in your yards, and more answers to your birdy questions!. This great publication is written and illustrated by and for K - 12 kids! Submit your work for consideration in the next publication by June 30 each year.

Science Project Finder - looking for  science project idea or want to join other students as part of a science team?  Check this site out!
Celebrate Urban Birds! - birds are all around us, every day, all year.  Learn how to provide better, safer feeding, nesting, watering places for our feathered friends!  Become a Feeder Watcher, Build a Nest Box, Become a Bird Sleuth, Find a Funky Nest, or Attend a Workshop;  no matter what, there is something for everyone on this site!  Brought to you by the experts at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Visit this site for all sorts of Ranger Rick Games, Apps, Family Fun!  Check out the blogs on how to be a good wildlife neighbor as they get pushed out of natural habitat and move closer to cities and homes. From National Wildlife Federation.
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