Just For Kids


Wildlife activities are fun to do at the refuge, in your neighborhood, and right inside your own home!

Refuge Activities 

Jr. Ranger Promo

If you visit us in person at the Salt Meadow Unit of the refuge in Westbrook, we want you you use your observation skills to find animals, animal tracks, nests, evidence of humans, and many other things as you walk along the trails. See if you can complete our Salt Meadow Scavenger Hunt

If you aren't at the refuge but you want to learn more about a really cool type of animal that lives here, consider this Animal Interview activity. You use the resources available on your computer, tablet or phone to find answers about your chosen animal's life!

If you complete either activity above, you can let us know via email or Facebook message, and we'll send you a special prize! (Prizes will vary according to availability) 

Bird and Butterfly Activities

 150x118_Bird Sleuth cartoon image of kids birdwatching in the forest

There are so many cool birds to discover at the refuge and other natural areas in Connecticut! Become an expert bird observer with the fun BirdSleuth Activity Booklet

Shorebird Superheroes is a great book to learn about many of the birds that call our refuge beaches home.

Here's a short activity about the amazing monarch butterfly that is born in places like Connecticut then flies all the way to Mexico for the winter!

Here's an osprey activity booklet about our the many "fish hawks" that call our coastal refuges home.